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Saving outside of the system.

Saving outside of the system.The great problem of many people, not specialized in the handlings of the money, it is the one of maintaining the value of the money dedicated to savings.
It doesn't imply this to be involved in the speculation to save the value of the money, but studying as making to maintain their effective value in the time.
If the money is put in a bank, to fixed term, the one that wins is the bank, because it charges interests, for that money and a part they become part of which deposited.
Nevertheless, it is a way to commit with the economic system, since we are lending the money. It escapes to the real production. If the country was of a perfect economy, the value of the money would be the same one in the time without necessity of interests. We don't know that type of business is carried out with that money lent by the banks.
Replacing the moneyIf we have a small sum for saving and we buy raw material, or pure, or with certain process, we already begin the substitution.
Let us suppose that your purchases a wooden board.
When you have it stored, their value stays since if there are positive increments, its value increases, but you have the thing, if has the money and it doesn't sew it, you could not obtain it.
If the value diminishes, you have the thing that means a very real one, in power. You are not subject to speculation.
Their decrease cannot be traumatic, since but when we buy it it was overvalued.
On the other hand there is something important that will compensate any drop of the price.
Processing the raw material.If to the raw material that I have acquired I carry out him some process, as being, if I have a wooden board, I carry out a table, now I have an element of more value that the board.
The board has more value than the trunk, but the table is it more than the board.
If that is this way, any decrease of the price of the board will be compensated by the biggest value in the good that now it is bigger than the the original board.
Pure attaché's of value process.One can observe that each process that makes to the board, grants him more added value. If the table is worked it will have much more added value. If I paint the table and they are added particulars the value it increases.
The inputs, the necessary elements, the machineries, the energy, etc. are always inside the production processes.

The physical exercise as energy input
A great possibility is to generate an added value and to make physical exercises. If you want to stay healthy, will you make exercises, what better than using those energy or a part in a productive process?
Let us remember that the production is to grant added value to a saving, for what every time will have more saving and we will be healthier. It is not contradictory.
If to make the table it is necessary to cut wood, I won't use the machines, but rather I will make everything with physical effort.
You can even optimize the cut. When it intersects a wood to sustain it to use both arms in the effort. Even in that position the legs help also.
I don't have to clarify that I have made that for years, with diverse tasks. From cutting irons, wood, to transport sand, to dig... To dig is magic. I have dug a complete pool, using pick and shovel, to the terrestrial being of fillers (convict's work with shackles somebody would say...)
My philosophy includes the daily physical exercise. I never make less than 1 daily hour of studied exercises and controlled by clock.
The tasks that you can make to add value to the saving are diverse. It depends on your education, your practical knowledge of specialties, etc.
On the other hand the exercise in a creative activity is therapeutic, as all we know.
Generating electricityYou can even generate directly electricity making exercises with what you will be saving.
A simple couple dynamo to a bicycle or a tape of running allows to save energy in the level of 12 Volts in a battery.
A person can generate an equivalent one daily to 20% of the electric power of normal use.
If there is more people than they contribute when living in the house the percentage it is bigger, since there are common uses , that makes that the percentage can be
of 30% or 40%
I have written articles in this respect.

Every time you have more reservationsIf the original element has cost C the added value increase, it determines that the cost is :
C.k with k >1. The k value depends of: the net working contribution that you make that is to say, the carpentry work in the table. The energy contribution that you make, if you make it by hand without using additional energy. The additional contribution of diverse terminations. The fact of generating a value without taxes, because you didn't buy it. You made it.
The most important thing: you don't depend on speculations, of middlemen, you don't pay more taxes that those of the raw materials that you use. You don't pay interests, you don't buy with credits.
While the products that you generate the you have in your house, you don't sell them, it is not a business that implies tax payment.
If in some moment you need to have some value, you can use part of those savings like exchange or you sell them on time. Nobody can say that you make business. They are your savings that maintained value and they increased it.
I know that to expose this can open the eyes, not alone to people that need to save but to the political class, since they live off the production of others.
That permanent fight against the mediocrity of the political class that one manifests in the calls democratic systems, with different grades according to each country, implies that these plans are made.
Particularly I have exposed a general plan that should be the objective of the democracies that implies the general well-being.
Saving my pension contributionsParticularly, the securities that stay for jubilations have a destination ignored for the one that contributes them. They enter in the game of the economic system, including loans, finances, speculations, banks, real estate, etc.
It is my theory that the state, still in this system it should save in net natural resources each worker's contribution. Either in a parcel of productive earth as of energy in power like it can be a not exploited location.
The basic condition for this is that it can be proven the existence of those frozen resources indeed, without use, always available.
In that way it escapes to all speculation type, of the money, and it is saved in that that indeed constitutes an economy, the sources of the economies: the natural resources.
On the other hand the most sophisticated goods that a mature person requires as being the medications can be contemplated with official investment in that item to grant general satisfaction at real cost, not implying private pharmaceutical laboratories. In a same way with other items.

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