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Growth tentacular. Advance toward the productive processes.

Growth tentacular. Advance toward the productive processes.

The simple intention that the state, dedicate a small part of its resources to generate small production nuclei with completely established approaches, legal system, administration of the work, etc. makes that a process of
capture of the productive processes begins.If somebody taking a picture of the process, first he
will see like a natural source of funds is captured. It doesn't need to be big, a small field, or a sector producing of mineral. In another part of the sequence, it will be seen that now it has been added something of technology, some machines or other technological elements.
In another part it will be seen that there are other technological equipment that correspond to a state-of-the-art process.
Let us take the example of the bread.
A small field is acquired by the state. A time later a tractor. With corresponding legal instrumentation
, there is a qualification for the entrance of people to exploit the field, by means of a certain benefit, assigned by the state. In a part of the process, the ended product is sent to the normal sectors of production for its later process.
If it is wheat, this is sowed, harvested and then it is sent to a private mill. In that sense we can affirm that there is a small tentacle growing.
With a time more, machinery is acquired to process the wheat, although it is to small scale. It allows it to advance on the process of the mill and generation of flour.
The tentacle grows other little. Each tentacle associates to a chain of certain production.
With something more than time you arrives to the process of the bread, with something of technology bread is manufactured before starting from the produced elements.
With it is achieved it to complete a tentacle, not very extensive, but already ended.
When capturing more elements than they compose the complete chain of production of the bread, the growth is manifested with an extension of the tentacle.
In another productive chain, the process is same. This can be that of the fresh vegetables, or the breeding of birds, or the processes that involve to the textile industry.
A complex element is the complete process of the construction of housings.
It is complex for the fact that requires components that in turn are in if the result of a chain of processes.
According to the particularities of the climate and the available natural elements, it is the local architecture.
From the production of the bricks to the metallic elements that are used in roof, structures, etc. They come from chains of specific production.
In that sense, the state can by means of machineries and operatives that work in the state plan, to produce housings. For it uses it the elements that it doesn't manufacture, of the private production lines.
Although the domain of the complete chain of production is difficult, there are elements that make lower the costs and they accelerate the processes of that chain.
Connecting processes.A remarkable improvement in the complex processes corresponds to the connection of some with others.
The chain of allowances is linked with the production of housings. At the same time that of medications with the production of housings. As you can notice, a tentacle reinforces the growth of another.
In that sense it is possible to generate necessary goods for the same interested parties, with smaller cost, being that good part of the components is provided by the chains of processes of the state, at a significantly smaller cost.

Taxes, gain.
Because the state carries out these activities with social sense, there is not implied taxes, neither gain, elements that if they are in the private production, the costs begin to descend.
In the case of an advance of the main production chains, a decrease of the cost of production will be observed
In what case can you apply this outline?In the case of societies with citizens without occupation, with unoccupied youths, where there are partial economic systems.
In that case a general occupation is manifested for those who participate of the economic circuit and there is the population's part that is excluded. Typical case: Argentina.
It is also possible to integrate new people in the economic system, for their youth. The possibility is granted of beginning to acquire its necessary goods, attended by the state.
The limit of the process.In the limit, the state dominates the economic processes, applying the technology indeed to the service of the society. Producing limited quantities of necessary goods. Controlling the natural resources and the populational growth.
The result? it has lowered the energy of the economic system, however there is general satisfaction in the population.
The social classes have headed to a process of total approach. The public services of high-technology transport equal the populations, like one of the many advantages of the same one.
Unnecessary goods don't take place. The change of habits has happened. There is a balance with the environment.
Political, economists... where they are?
These possibilities that I have mentioned are clear and feasible of carrying out. Any specialist in processes can see them coherent.
However nobody speaks of it. The politicians to be associated to the system of high energy, also for ignorance. The economists for a conception of the structured economy that it cannot escape from the private production, the process of accumulation of resources, the property growing infinitely, the value of the virtual goods, the finances and the banks.
Something should change. The democracies are not well represented. People should take conscience of what happens, as the politicians on their behalf they negotiate against the due social benefits to the intellect and the natural resources.
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