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Mr. X and the altered reality.

Mr. X and the altered reality.

Mr. X should arrive to its work. At the 5 and half hour, he waits the public transportation. In spite of being close, it should leave in advance, the public transportation works in an irregular way. For some reason the communal intendants don't control the frequency of the same ones. It is evident that the unions of the transport decide to their convenience, then what should be a certain frequency becomes a "rallentando"...
When entering to the property where he works, they wait uniformed two or three, they are of a safe-deposit agency. They take care of the property... but also to the employees. It registers their entrance in form digital,,,5 hours 50 minutes, in spite of entering officially at the 6 hours 15.
That happens him for not being in the privileged group that should not register their entrance, like they are the directors, vice-directors and personnel designated by political reasons. They belong to a special group:  " those fringed." To arrive to director or alternate director becomes a being of special characteristic, characteristic of a category of being superior.
You should not register your entrance neither your exit. You can leave the work when you want. They are also paid an additional one to have exclusive dedication that implies more two hours per day, with a considerable increment of the salary.
Again the reality is distorted in its mind:  if they should fulfill the schedule an additional payment to stay more two hours per day, how is it possible that they enter later an or two hours that the normal thing?
A simple algebraic sum solves it, if A+B = C, now I make A-D+B = H
where H is the habitual schedule of Mr. X, being D the entrance delay.
You perceive an additional one but you don't complete it arriving same time late that the one that implies you the additional one... It is a characteristic of those fringed...
Clear, they should be special for their trajectory and knowledge. That would think anyone that doesn't know the administration of the state. On the contrary, they were designated by power of groups, independently of their educational characteristics, specialties, etc.
Mr. X tries to verify the regulation. Regarding those fringed there are not clear references. The outline is not foreseen for those almost gods of the administration of the state.
Mr. X was transferred recently to this office of which depends. For years it is surprised and it tries to change the altered reality. He has the surprise of a boy, he never stops to make it.
Recently a new flowchart was approved that surprises him in a special way.
The personnel of smaller formation overcomes to that of more formation and specialty. In spite of the fact that the last ones continue making the work of responsibility. Those of smaller range have more free time, looking for the window, speaking of soccer or of questions corresponding to their existential level.
The planners have a level B, but the technicians designated to be able to they have level A, being that those that carry out the important work, of responsibility are the B, having the corresponding educational level.
There are different variants, one indicates that a certain one Mister  is boss of design of structures, but it is not possible, since he cannot make it, their acquired capacities don't allow it to him, it is outside of their formation. Mr. X doesn't understand like it can pass this.
Then you see the answer. The aforementioned gentleman resides in:  the union. There figure as an official of the union, and he doesn't need to demonstrate that what  have awarded him cannot complete it. They have been able to sabotage the reality...

Looking at the flowchart Mr. X verifies something surprising. They have created kind of an entity special, called Staff it advises that has as director of the staff to... the secretary-general of the union. With director's range. He is an advisory director that fulfills all the merits to be it, that is to say, a super - fringed. To their side diverse characters accompany that have received special names to their positions. None overcomes the secondary educational level.
Day after day Mr. X makes an effort to understand the procedure for which the processes are harmed, and everything continues in calm. How is it possible that those that carry out the serious work, be under worse conditions that those that carry out the support work?
Looking at the flowchart can check that the director of costs has secondary formation, but he cannot understand like it is possible that it solves relative topics to engineering units, conversions, passages of energy equivalences, yields, estimate of models of tasks, etc...
Clear, the director has two engineers for under. Now he closes. They make the real work, and the one fringed is limited to observe them when it arrives to their work, after two hours of the official entrance.
Other employees carry out field works. They are also directed by a secondary personnel. However there are problems of mathematics, in the encounters of curved, in the geometric conformation of the projects. How do they make to solve them? It is possible that there are dark points in their determinations. But those quantities take them those that make the true theoretical work of projecting, with knowledge for it. Is it possible that one works on erroneous securities?
The concentration of works, due to the technology he/she has made the specialists to solve for if same many works that before assistants required. Then now a specialist, makes her project,  draws it in computer, he elaborates his reports, and  sends and she receives information by mail electronic, solving steps.
Before a personnel was required for each one of those activities. Somebody that draws, somebody that types, somebody makes steps.
Nevertheless, Mr. X observes that some positions have been, that of designer nominally, with more category than the planners, in spite of not participating directly of it.... Other administrative positions are equivalent to that of the planners, however they don't require more than a common formation.
They have been as testimonial positions of a reality that overcomes them.
Mr. X, continues moving the head, he cannot understand like raisin that.
He has a file that he explains and  requests the they consider according to the reality. As their explanation it is convincing, they have opted, the same as to other employees of the place, to ignore the answer.
The system becomes this way a luck of process of Kafka that always has explanation and it is never solved.

The hierarchies
He observes that the different sectors have same hierarchy, however they don't have same responsibility. If an entity is technical, does the action center correspond to those activities, reason to prioritize the finances or the legal matters? He continues without understanding like they are solved the processes.

The political characters
They complete certain functions that don't imply creativity, superior formation, statistical study, or of better alternatives. Alone they have to administer the resource awarded by the state, in works that are studied by the career personnel.
However the administrators perceive revenues like high executives of a private company:  they bring their own advisers that have high revenues in relation to the career personnel. Then, what is what is paid to these characters?
A called thing is paid:  political cost.
But does Mr. X think, by how long should the political cost be paid? because 30 years of "democracy" they are already counted.
Their characteristic, that of the politicians, is the uncertainty, that is to say, the general indefinición so that the troubleshooting is in hands of its precise statesman vision, leaving to the other ones as observers of those noble virtues.
Once Mr. X wanted to know like it was negotiated, by means of control indexes each particular process and all in general, in the political project.
What answer did he/she have? uncertainty, lack of definitions, words that seek to fill the place of the control indexes that  don't exist neither information some is published in this respect.
Another characteristic of the politicians is that they are never processed and condemned judicially. One can speak of them all that you want, but they are exactly never played by the justice that arrives to the common citizen.
As in England, if you go up yourself to the bank you can curse the nobility, because you don't play English floor, but you should not make it without the bank...
The other power is the judiciary. It is always in a third plane. Alone it acts against common people . It is normal, if somebody makes the statistic that a judge decides something on a politician in time of elections. After the elections, that decision disappears... it vanishes.

The testimonial institutions
In the state, there are institutions that alone they serve as definition, nominally or testimonially. If to the politician it interests him that they respond or they are sent, they make it quickly. If it is not of their interest, you can make presentations that always finish in a step of infinite duration. When they don't have interest in something, they take it to the infinite, When to them it interests them, the time is appraisable, effective, it has answer.
Mr. X goes to an entity, Direction against the corruption of the state. He explains as a manager of an entity of the state it generates him privileged position to their daughter. The answer. An infinite step that never has expedition. A game begins where the accusation is diluted with a liquid convenient difusor that makes disappear the interference to the system.

The return
Mr. X walks in silence. He makes the game of throwing a currency to the air, it leaves face. The ribbon again, comes out face. The ribbon obsessive mind, always comes out face.
In Argentina the nature has been overturned, lex naturale have lost validity. Perhaps that explains part of what the society so contradictory accepts.

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