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Homes adaptive.

Homes adaptive.

In other articles I have addressed these issues
The intelligent lighting system
Automation, the adaptive housing problem

Underground home designs
Captured solar geothermal energy in homes.
Not only is this issue important for human comfort, but also for its contribution to the optimization of the energy required to provide the human comfort.

Possible systems and trading companies.

There are several programmable devices that allow tasks automatically, but are generally expensive and obey a conception of the market economic system.
Humidity and temperature gauges, sectorization systems of cold or heat, windows or mobile guards depending on parameters such as temperature or wind. Motion detectors, etc..
In general it is remarkable that not solve the overall problem, only target specific problems without a general awareness of what happens in the home. They are also expensive.

When a home is comfortable?

The target can not be having that trigger keys, switches, adjust temperature settings, or other, whenever we move from one place to another.
The goal is for the system to realize our presence and make the adaptation of the environment.
Even when there is no one in the house, the system acts as a butler and handyman.
It's easy to have a human butler who continually say what we want and permanently available to us.
Why is it easy? because we can communicate easily and that is the main problem with computers and man.
Two options: either let the system decide according to already established parameters (conforming systems that provide human comfort), or the other option is to issue commands to the system permanently.
In the first case the system is very structured and not let us move freely, or when we do, it will generate immediate actions to control any movement to do that may be unnecessary.
In the second case we must constantly issue commands to the system is tedious for humans, especially if we can not talk to the system as a human.
A major problem in this issue is the randomness of human behavior in the home.
Someone may move about the house looking for something, or is a time in one place and then another.
One problem is fixed right temperature environments. The optimum is to condition the place where we stay in the moment and not the others. But you can move from one environment to another quickly and return to the original.
In that case you may think "potential areas" of occupancy depending on the time of day and possibly the person.
In that sense the central brain can prepare a habitable zone for us at certain times, if we move freely where the weather is nice.
Appears desirable to give freedom to solve system problems and also leave the possibility to interact with it at will.
That way we break the rigidity of the system and also avoid the tedium of constantly issue orders.
The language with computers

It is known that can identify images with a computer to detect voice, or you can issue orders to computers with action words.
These possibilities involve expensive software, do not justify the achievement. Moreover between the human language (spoken commands sent) and the computer is rigid. The computer will understand simple commands like: light switch. Time: 15 minutes.
Not only is it difficult to remember that language, but it is not comfortable and is lost objective.
It is true that you can make orders through prayers just the way humans speak normally, but the determination of meaning by the software that is required, it becomes expensive, so do not consider it the proper way.
Orders can be activated in each local small keyboard if desired interact with the microprocessor.
Otherwise it will decide the action to be based on the time and read parameters.
Independent functions of human presence
Which system functions can solve?

Property Protection, determination of human presence, emergency calls, calls to the owner of the house.
Wash floors.
Watering of plants.
Automatic Ventilation environments. This feature not only enables a safe environment but which is capable of obtaining free cooling of the atmosphere in which the exterior is now a significant lower temperature than the inside. A system which detects these temperatures is able to utilize this advantage.

Operation conditioning system with geothermal solar. In this system it is possible to operate a system that provides frigories from soil, in a system designed for it.
This system has its own intelligent evaluator which determines the exhaust stroke or actuating movement of the fluid pump thermal energy transport.
Drive electric generating systems by wind. In this case when conditions are appropriate, the system reads the wind speed, the system can be deployed energy harvesting mechanical energy storage in batteries. Also alleging that the wind has decreased or the system is loaded, save the whole protecting.

Detection of possible fires.
Security lighting.
VoiceMail street and telephone.
Functions performed by human presence.

temperature and humidity control
environments ventilation
lighting control environments.
Control of human parameters to physical activity (physical exercise in housing)
Besides that also performs other functions when there are no humans.

Specific Function Rooms
You can think of specific function rooms, because there are activities in which the person will have a systematic activity, as in the case of physical exercise, or sleep. It could also be designed study rooms or concentration.

Physical exercise rooms.
In the exercise, it is possible to locate certain activities in a small area which implies the possibility of isolating the area, give it the appropriate equipment and even adapt environmental parameters depending on the activity.
When generating a small environment, climate is optimal thereof. The thermal insulation of the environment and its size to achieve that goal concur.
The ambience of the place according to studies involving the influence of color, temperature, humidity, sound and images, predispose a person to the activity.
premises of this type required to be closed. This automatic ventilation is essential.
A control ventilation times and frequency of air exchange are scheduled.
The determination of environmental parameters for physical exercise also must come from empirical or scientific demonstrations.
The display of physiological parameters is relatively simple and the person can see your changes.
The type of activity concentrated in a small space predisposes to the definition of this room.

The sleeping rooms

This concept is related to the previous one. Particularly I have designed a room of this type (there is an article in the blog: in which you consider the possibility of providing an environment for sleep, high quality air, where you can interact with human physiological system control system.
Getting plenty of sleep and keeps a person for hours in the same spot without moving, or use of devices, etc.. Thus a small local acclimate sized bed, slightly larger, is what solves the problem optimally.
The air is renewed periodically depending on the number of people living in the room (no more than 2 per room). That's a big advantage over commercial air conditioners. None renews the air in the room.
A simultaneous measurement of temperature and humidity controls for fixing humidification, dehumidification, temperature.
You can generate a treatment session with germicidal lamp in the environment, with the same hidden from human sight.

A step in this development is the detection of brain state frequencies of the person occupying the room.
In this respect, this determination allows the system to operate in the environment influences audible, visual, and climate parameters
so as to more easily induce calm or sleep state. This can also be applied to different functions such as sleep relaxation, meditation, self-programming states of mind, etc.
If the same person sees and captures the environment changes your brain frequency, can easily generate biofeedback to reach the desired state.
This is a fact about which there is abundant literature.

A central control system supervisor
You need a central supervisor by a microprocessor and memory for, put the system into operation and operate on automatic systems, which in turn work on their own, specific intelligence being provided for a default action.
The microprocessor is associated with autonomous systems through digital inputs and outputs, where readings of parameters, each autonomous system has sensors that read parameters to generate physical and logical actions.
The system supervisor can perform control actions on temperature conditioning systems, by local, preset, alarm call. You can run programs identify areas where environmental suitability way to capture the likely area of ​​movement of persons according to the schedule.
Although such a system is expensive, as it requires special computer programs and a data acquisition board and control, it is possible to think of developing the whole from a common computer scheme (called clones), with a economic acquisition board or by means of the same design, which does not involve the use of digital to analog conversion may be feasible to develop a lower cost.
The converters are required when digital treatment. Autonomous devices can work directly in analog form which means that the sensors are connected directly to the control logic that makes the system considerably economical.

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