domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Captación inteligente de Frigorias. Intelligent reception of negative kcal/hora.intelligenter Empfang negativen Kalorie / Stunde

Reception of negative kcal/hour
The concept is to take kcal/hour (negative) in the moments in that these are available.
The device have external and interior medition of temperature. When it reach the external temperature ( in an prefixed environment of it),it stop the entrance of air.
The actuation time depend of previous studies. It can work in desired moment, or in automatic mode. The kcal/hour can be derived to the desired room by mean of appropiate conduits . These conduits are selected by mean of direccionable fins
The device is in development in this time.

Brotto Luis E
MS Chemical Technology ( control of processes)
Electrical engineer.

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